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  • "Global Teambuilding is a matter of Dialogue"
    Vodafone D2: Streamlining Performance Management in a global group
  • Communication skills: the secret to success
    Culture as a significant factor in international mergers
  • Integration is all about Honesty
    Fritz Schuller about lessons learned from his personal merger experience
  • The Ironman of Corporate Communication!
    Detlef Lehner, GFU SYSTEME's executive partner, about supporting Hannover Re's ascent into the Top Five of the global reinsurance business
  • "How do you feel about sustainability? Tell me, pray."
    Thomas Grau replies to a modern version of "Gretchen's question".
  • Bringing back the Magic
    How German department store chain Karstadt mobilizes its workforce of 25,000
  • Yearning for Security
    Ulrich Altmeppen analyzes the new challenges of corporate communication
  • Communication of the crisis
    or the crisis of communication
  • Remember the time?
    A not too serious look at 15 years of GFU SYSTEME and other important events
    Who we are and what we do